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Lily Liu comes from a family of Chinese doctors. Her grandfather was a famous Chinese doctor in Beijing and her parents are immune and gynaecological research doctors in Western medicine. 


Lily studied for 5 years at Beijing Jinghua Medical University, a private establishment created to integrate Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Lily was able to obtain a medical education from both worlds, studying traditional Chinese medicine at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, whilst concurrently completing Western medicine components at the Peking Union Medical College.


Lily's major in TCM included Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine. In her fifth year of study, Lily completed a full-time internship at the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and the Peking Union Medical Hospital.


In 1988, Lily moved to Australia and established Willow & Ginger Herbal Medicine clinic with her husband. For over 30 years she has practised Chinese medicine and lectured at universities in both Australia and in China. During this time, Lily has collaborated and researched with IVF professionals, gynaecologists, GPs and physiotherapists. 

Lily takes a holistic approach to fertility, and has presented at seminars in conjunction with IVF gynaecological specialists. Such events include "IVF Australia: A Holistic Approach to Fertility" in which she presented a series of successful cases, demonstrating her success in integrating accupuncture and chinese herbs with western medicine and IVF.

Lily has extensively lectured in Melbourne and Sydney to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) colleges and has appeared on national television and radio. Lily appeared on the “Today Tonight", "Current Affair" and "Today", speaking about her work within the infertility field and TCM.  See media

Career profile

1989 - 1994

Lecturer at the Sydney College of Traditional Medicine, Leichardt, Sydney.


1990 - 1992

Lecturer at Willow Ginger Herbal Medicine Clinic, Surry Hills, Sydney. Conducted a Herbal Medicine Certificate Course completed by Chinese and Western medical practitioners.


1995 - 1998

Lecturer and Honorary Clinical Associate of the UTS College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ultimo, Sydney.


1996 - 1997

Studied under Professor Xia Gui Cheng, at the Department of Gynaecology at the Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Nanjing.


2000 - 2002

Lecturer in gynaecology at the Beijing Junghua Medical University. Further research and study was conducted in gynaecology and Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine. 


2004 - 2006

Invited by Professor Alan Bensoussan to lecture at the University of Western Sydney in Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Master of Acupuncture in Women's Health. Key subject covered was infertility, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages and combining acupuncture and Chinese herbs for IVF treatment.


Invited to present at "IVF Australia: A Holistic Approach to Fertility", along with IVF Australia fertility specialists including A/Prof Gavin Sacks and Dr Juliette Koch, on fertility treatment success through TCM integration with Western medicine and IVF.


Presented at a panel discussion on menopause along with other gynaecologists including A/Professor Kirsten Black and Professor Wendy Rogers on treatment of menopause symptoms through TCM herbs and dietary changes. 

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