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Lily Liu has appeared in numerous publications and on national television and radio. Shows include ABC's "Alternative Medicine", Channel 7's “Today Tonight”, and channel 9's A Current Affair with feature stories about her successful treatments for infertility. Lily has been interviewed for numerous health magazines and is listed in Sydney Morning Herald's “Best of Sydney” book. Click on publication covers to read articles.

Worn out by Western fertility treatments, more women are turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine to help their chances at becoming pregnant.

TCM offers drug-free relief from women’s health problems such as PMT, fatigue and headaches. Lily is interviewed on Chinese herbalism.

This article focuses on Lily as a renowned TCM practitioner and her success in treating fertility and gynaecological disorders.

Dealing with infertility can test the most stable relationships. Achieving hormonal, lifestyle, and energetic balance can be the keys to fertility.

Lily blends TCM with Western science to treat women’s health disorders. This article covers healing herbs, blood stagnation, headaches, acne and food faults.

Symptoms of endometriosis range from painful periods and sex to infertility. Lily speaks about her treatment of endometriosis with herbs, massage and acupuncture.

More Australian women are turning to the humble herb when they are feeling unwell. Lily talks about her process of treating her patients with herbs.

This reveals Chinese herbalism is making inroads where Western science has tried and failed. Lily was interviewed for her herbal treatment of endometriosis.


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